Talking Point – Speech and Language Theparist support to devlope your childs speech

Speech and Hearing can go hand in hand and we at are RG Hearingcare understand the importance of full support to offer your child and you as a family – if you have been told that your child has a hearing loss from glue ear or sensorineural and may impact on their speech and learning development.   You want to know how best to help and support your child we are able to offer this support with Chris Hargreaves a Speech and Language Therapist or alternatively known as SALT.

Over one million children in the UK have some kind of speech language and communication needs.

Every child is different. Their needs depend on different factors, including:

  • Which areas of speech, language and communication they struggle with.
  • How severely these areas are affected.
  • What skills and strengths they have.
  • How they need to use their skills.
  • Their level of confidence and self-esteem.

We are able to offer a private referral that will be tailor made for your child’s development, if you would like more information please feel free to contact us at RG HearingCare