support & aftercare

We go further to ensure that the most indepth hearing assessment as been carried out to give you peace of mind and allow us to be able to offer you a successful rehabilitation and the right hearing aids for your particular hearing loss.


our promise

Everyone who receives one our hearing aids benefits from the RG Hearing Promise.  Each person is an individual and you are treated as an individual.

We offer Lifetime aftercare for you.  Our hearing aids come with either 2 or 5 year warranty if cared for well with our support can last up to 15 years.  But we will care for your hearing need for your lifetime, you will have a chief audiologist personal care advice and support.


Hearing aid batteries of 3 years are given on the day of fitting however the choice is given to the patient to purchase more hearing aid batteries, these hearing aid batteries have a shelf life of many years and are not activated until the plastic tab is peeled from the back of each battery.  These batteries are supplied from leading hearing aid manufactures and are £4.50 per pack for 6 cell batteries.

You do not have to be a RG Hearing patient – all are welcome to save.

There are four popular hearing aid batteries. They are often known by their numbers, colours, or both. The different battery sizes are:
– 675 [blue]
– 312 [brown]
– 13 [orange]
– 10 [yellow]

Minimum order 10 packs (60 Cells)


Postage is included