hearing loss

While most people would associate hearing loss with old age, people of all ages can suffer from hearing loss due to any number of reasons. As well as the normal ageing process, it could be due to genetic factors, prolonged exposure to loud noise, blockages, medical conditions and even some medications and treatments.

For whatever reason, if you are experiencing hearing loss, a hearing test from our qualified audiologist will provide the answer to your problem.


What if I do need a hearing aid?

Very often, the solution to your hearing loss will be a hearing aid. If you should need one, there are plenty of options available, so you’re bound to find one that meets your needs, whether it sits on the ear, behind it or inside it. Our qualified Audiologist will be able to advise you on whether your hearing loss requires a hearing aid in both of your ears or just one.

what type of hearing aid is most suitable for me?

Thanks to digital technology, hearing aids are now smaller and more discrete than ever. The results from a hearing test will give our audiologist a clear idea of your prescription as to the extent of your hearing loss, allowing us to recommend the most appropriate option that can fit in with your lifestyle.

will wearing a hearing aid improve my hearing?

In most cases, hearing loss can’t be cured and, strictly speaking, wearing a hearing aid won’t improve your hearing loss or make it any worse. Hearing aids are designed to amplify your hearing in the areas where you need it most, allowing you to live your life more comfortably, more confidently to take part in conversations and never miss the ending to a joke again.