Going on Holiday – Pack your Suncream, and your Swim Plugs

Are you going on holiday this year?  We pack everything you think you may need for your holiday whether you are going aboard, visiting or camping.  You take the plasters, the sun hats, sun cream and other essentials but have you considered protecting you and your children’s ears when they are playing in the water?

If you or child suffer with re-occurring ear infections, SwimPlugs are a must!

To begin with, swim ear plugs prevent infections such as swimmer’s ear by keeping ears dry.   This is also referred to as otitis externa, is a common infection of the skin of the ear canal. When water is trapped in the ear and that water contains bacteria, it can cause a skin infection which leads to painful inflammation and swelling.

Some doctors also recommend swim ear plugs for children that have ear tubes or grommets.   Grommets are small cylinders that have been placed through the eardrum in the case of recurring middle ear infections in order to allow fluid to drain. 

Keeping your ears as dry as possible while swimming can help reduce the risk of developing an infection in the ear, but that does not necessarily mean you need to wear ear plugs every time you go swimming. We are more susceptible to developing an infection when swimming in places where germs reside – To help prevent the sensation of water trapped in your ear and to prevent any infection, also known as swimmer’s ear, from developing, we recommend ear plugs be worn.

SwimPlugs can be customized with bright colours and come with cords and they float!

If you would like more information and have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, to make an free consultations if you do have concerns about re-occurring or a recent ear infection, we are happy to help!