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Surfers Ear

You invest in the best surf board the summer and winter surf suit and you’re ready to catch the waves … WAIT!! Due to wetsuit technology becoming so great you end up spending longer and longer in the water –  this is where you need to protect your ears.  Surfers ear is uncommonly talked about […]

Dementia and hearing loss

People with a hearing loss are five times more likely to develop Dementia Why is there a link? We know that hearing loss increases the risk of dementia in older people.  According to researcher Frank Lin the most likely reasons are: When the cochlea (the hub of the inner ear) sends a garbled signal to […]

MotorBikes + Bike Plugs = Great Hearing Protection

Pictured BikePlugs As we know Motorbikes are FAST and with that speed comes power and loud sound, that loud sound over a prolonged time can cause a lot of damage to your hearing. BikePlugs deliver the ultimate in hearing protection for motorcyclists. In BikePlugs, we combine can’t-feel-them-in comfort and the latest in filtering technology and […]